Family Constellation Therapy, also known as Systemic Family Constellations, is a therapeutic method that explores and addresses hidden family dynamics and unresolved issues. It was developed by Bert Hellinger and is based on the belief that family members are interconnected, and patterns of behavior, emotions, and trauma can be passed down through generations. This approach helps uncover these hidden entanglements and facilitates healing.

Why Choose Family Constellation Therapy?

Reveal Hidden Dynamics

Family Constellation Therapy allows you to uncover and understand the often hidden dynamics within your family system that may be affecting your current relationships, behavior, and emotional well-being.

Resolving Generational Patterns

By addressing and resolving issues from past generations, you can break free from repetitive family patterns and find greater clarity, harmony, and healing in your life.

Emotional Release

This therapy provides a safe and supportive environment for acknowledging and releasing long-held emotions and traumas, leading to emotional relief and personal growth.

Improved Relationships

Family Constellation Therapy can lead to healthier relationships within your family, with partners, and with yourself by resolving underlying issues and creating a sense of peace.

How Family Constellation Therapy Works

Our experienced therapists will guide you through the Family Constellation process, which typically involves the following steps:


We start by understanding your goals and the specific issues you'd like to address within your family system.

Group or Individual Sessions

Family Constellation sessions can be conducted in a group setting or individually, depending on your comfort level and needs.


In a group setting, participants are chosen to represent family members, allowing the therapist to observe and address the dynamics within the family system.

Uncovering Insights

Through the process, insights and resolutions often emerge as hidden dynamics are revealed and acknowledged.

Healing and Integration

Family Constellation Therapy focuses on healing and integrating the insights gained from the process into your daily life and relationships.