Misba Shah is a trainer, Educator, therapist and life coach, she is a motivational and inspirational speaker who not only helps people become aware of how life is simple but also walks her talk. She has conducted many workshops and training program, inspiring and informing people, helping them to take responsibility for their lives. She has been focusing on helping psychologists and coaches develop advanced therapeutic and coaching skills based on the integration of Clinical Hypnosis. NLP, Cognitive Therapy and Mindfulness.

Misba Shah
Therapist, Trainer & Life Coach

She is also:
~Director of ICHARS 

~Co founder at

~Certified Professional in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP).

~Total work experience of 5+ years into Core HR & Training and Development domain.
~Conducting workshops, seminars for students from school to college goers, corporate and open workshops for individuals looking to enhance their personal and professional growth in their respective domain at Pan India. Facilitating these programs through NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy & other behavioral modalities.

Honest Clientele

"We've seen amazing results already. I would also like to say thank you."