At Consult Misba workshops are customised to a unique experience that your attendees will cherish and remember. Our Behavioural Training Activities and Skills which we Teach our audience in our workshops are specially curated keeping in mind real organisational challenges.

Workshops & Training Provided Are:

Constellation Workshop

Family and Systemic constellation is a powerful tool to get insights on issues related to one’s personal and professional life. These insights lead to a shift in us, both at the level of conscious and unconscious. This shift helps us move closer to the resolutions which are in our best and highest interest.

Systemic constellation

Works with client’s issues pertaining to any emotions, beliefs, values or internal conflicts. Objective is to understand the interplay of these elements within the client that may be leading to the problem.

Let’s say, a client comes with the issue of confidence with respect to his work area. Here, the client can choose a representative for the self and another representative for confidence. These two elements will be used to setup the constellation.

Family constellation

Works with Clients’ issues pertaining to any relationships or family matters. While setting up a constellation, the elements chosen would be from the client’s family, like his/her ancestors, parents, siblings, or any other member of the family.

One may be consciously unaware of the dynamics operating within their family, though it is the dynamics which may be the source of hindrance to their current problem or situation.

The constellation process provides an insight into this hidden dynamics and information which can eventually lead to resolutions.


Remember Constellation is an experiential process, what you are reading here is probably not even the tip of the iceberg. The real power of constellations can really only be understood only when you have experienced it first-hand.

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